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Made to Measure garments are about fulfilling the aspirations of the individual.

Made to Measure

Needles & Threads

Creating your own personal look ranges from the careful selection of your fabric type, design and colour, through to choosing the style and optional features that will give you your own image.
Tailor's dummy
Whether the suit is for the classic businessman or for a special occasion, or indeed just to be different, Cain of Heswall has the right silhouette and look for you. We use the finest fabrics available and the most up to date modern technology coupled together with time honoured craftsmanship to deliver the promise.

The service is an excellent way of having a suit or any other garment made, so it is distinctively yours. It is also ideal for clubs wanting a team to be wearing the same outfit/uniform.

For further information about our Made to Measure service please call in to the shop or contact Andrew Cain